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Welcome to the 1000 Beers website. 1000 Beers is a Belgian company aimed at exporting a variety of products and services related to Belgian beers to the Asian market. 1000-beers.com is part of 'NJ Trading Japan'. It is the only wholesale exporter offering 1000 Belgian beers - such as Trappist beers and Abbey beers - exclusive for the Japanese market and customer. We do wholesale of over 1000 Belgian beers. We encourage you to contact us and request a list of available beers. Besides wholesale, we offer a wide range of services such as beer consulting.

1000 Beers also has its own franchise. We offer beer shops and pubs. Our pubs are made after a Belgian bar in the heart of Ghent namely 'Het Gouden Mandeken'. If you are interested in operating one of our franchises, you should check out our franchise page for the shop and the pub.

Your questions are welcome at yoleeman@njtradingjapan.com.